Home Surveillance Helps Nab Bike Thief


The Susanville Police department says a homeowner’s security camera helps nab a bike thief. 19-year-old Niko Robinson was arrested on august 19th for a series of crimes after he was caught stealing a bike from an open garage on Pearl Circle. Niko had taken off with the bike but that’s when Lassen County Sheriff Deputy Lee happened to be in the right place at the right time as he saw Niko in the area near Mill View Apartment. As Deputy Lee tried to make contact Niko ran, and a short foot pursuit followed. Niko was caught and taken to county jail. Found on him were also drug paraphernalia and a replica of a handgun. Niko was also booked for his alleged involvement in two other cases, a purse, and tip jar theft. The cases have been sent to the DA’s office for prosecution.