High Speed Broadband Internet to Come to the County’s Most Rural Areas


You won’t have to wait on slow or deal with no internet connections in the most rural areas in Lassen, Plumas and Sierra counties for much longer. Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications has accepted grant awards in the amount of almost $23 million to bring in high speed broadband internet. The goal is to bring broadband to some of the most difficult areas within the three counties, to include Elysian Valley, parts of Doyle, Johnstonville, Eastern Sierra Valley, parts of Cromberg, Greenhorn ranch, Spring Garden, and Old Truckee rd in Sierraville. New network interconnection construction is set to begin along Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative lines this year as soon as the weather allows. You can be added to the interest list by calling 832-4126 or by visiting pst.coop.