Two HDSP Inmates Shot Dead While Attempting to Murder Another


CDCR staff at high desert state prison fatally shot two inmates who were attempting the murder of another inmate.

Around 11am yesterday inmates Frank Nanez and Raul Cuen, attacked Anthony Aguilera with manufactured weapons. Staff quickly responded, first issuing verbal orders to stop and get down, which were ignored. They were forced to progress force with a warning shot from a Mini-14 rifle, which had no effect. Staff then fired additional rounds when the attack continued. Chemical agents were also deployed. Without compliance, both Nanez and Cuen sustained gunshot wounds. No other incarcerated people or staff members were injured.

Medical staff responded quickly and provided first aid to Aguilera, Cuen, and Nanez. Aguilera was transported to a local hospital for further treatment. He is still hospitalized in serious condition. Both medical and custody staff performed CPR on Cuen and Nanez; however, Cuen was pronounced deceased at 11:37 a.m., and Nanez was pronounced deceased at 11:44 a.m.

The officers who deployed the Mini-14 rounds are currently on administrative leave consistent with CDCR policy. Officials have limited movement on the yard where the incident happened to conduct the investigation.

A statement from CDCR says Raul Cuen, who was 48 yo, was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for first-degree murder, with an enhancement for use of a deadly weapon from Tulare county. Frank Nanez, 32 also came from Tulare county for to serve seven years to life without the possibility of parole for first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder, with multiple counts of an intentional discharge of a firearm. Anthony Aguilera, aged 68 who remains in the hospital is serving life with the possibility of parole sentence for attempted first and second-degree murder, intentional discharge of a firearm, inflicting great bodily injury and committing a street gang act.

The Office of the Inspector General was notified and the Lassen County Coroner will determine Nanez’s and Cuen’s official causes of death. CDCR also sent the Deadly Force Investigations Team (DFIT) to HDSP assist in the investigation.