Grizzly Lake CSD Finds Major Break in Water Line

Grizzly Lake CSD homes have come close to running out of their water source. A major leak has been discovered in the Crocker mountain district. Operators assessed the site yesterday and are contributing the break in the line to the weight from snow that fell with the latest storm.

The already aging infrastructure also runs along a slope under a pine grove and those trees’ roots compromised the line. It is suspected a small leak may have already existed but with the heavy snow suddenly resting on top the crack in the line could not hold.

Operators shared the town came within hours of losing its entire water supply. As they arrived the tank was down to 17 feet and within five hours had been reduced to 7 feet. Crews were able to get the well running to fill the tank to hopefully last through the night, but that was a 50/50 chance. Until repairs can be made by contractors if you live within the district reducing your water usage can help prevent depleting the well.

Contractors are expected to begin as soon as today.