Greenville Under Boil Water Notice


Greenville has experienced a loss of water pressure and is currently under a boil water notice. A faulty tank-level gauge at the Greenville water treatment plant caused the temporary system pressure loss that began at 4am yesterday. Pressure was reported restored 2 hours later by 6, yet as the system was being brought back up some homes were without much pressure into the evening. For the next one to two days you are being asked to boil your tap water before drinking, cooking, or brushing your teeth. You can also use bottled water during this time. A one minute boil time is sufficient to clear your water of any potential harmful bacteria present. All of Greenville who is serviced by Indian Valley Community Service District is under the notice. You can visit the CDC website for more detailed information on what you can do to avoid illness during a boil water period. The district has shared that since the Dixie Fire, the Greenville water system has been operating without any automation or alarms and must be monitored manually. A review of the district procedures will follow to avoid future issues. When water test results have been cleared through the state water board the district will be able to lift the boil notice.