Greenville Library To Go Mobile by 2024


A bookmobile is coming to Greenville by 2023. On Aug 4th when the Dixie Fire over ran the town of Greenville the Library was one of those buildings that did not survive. In efforts to bring library services back to the area Librarian Lindsey Fuchs has received approval from the board of supervisors to apply for a grant. The costs will range from 180 to 200 thousand dollars for the book mobile but proves to be the best and most convenient solution considering the moving landscape of recovery in Plumas county. Costs imposed on the county with this grant would be a 20% match totaling near 20 to 40 thousand dollars. The library has a GoFundMe page for the Greenville library, and other fundraisers are planned to help support the effort. So far nearly 9000 dollars have been raised. And for the time being until the book mobile is realized the library will be set up in several temporary locations.