Greenville High School to Shift Educational Focus


Falling enrollment has the superintendent and school board president of Greenville high school thinking outside the box to “breathe new life” in the school.

The high school has faced many challenges for years, including COVID, the Dixie Fire, and poor internet. Only 30 students attend the school, and the need for change was becoming desperate. Bill Roderick, superintendent of schools, and Dave Keller, the school board president, have decided to refocus the school into an agricultural-based education to draw in more students. This was considered because the community surrounding the campus is already rich in agriculture. Roderick says Greenville high will be a center for Career Technical Education. Courses will meet all standards and college entrance requirements but will be agriculture based.

The goal is to open the new module for the 2024 school year, but it could start as early as this fall if the process moves faster than expected. When the transition is complete, Greenville High School will be home to grades 9-12, while Greenville Elementary School will become a K-8 campus.

There will be a meeting to ask the community for feedback on the new program on March 29 @ 6 pm in the Highschool.