Grandfather and Grandson Put Susanville into the Guinness Book of World Records


Susanville makes the Guinness Book of World Records thanks to one local boy and his grandfather.

Tim Trevitt and his grandson Mason Gonzales’s journey began when watching youtube videos of hot wheel track competitions and decided to take on the challenge. The two worked endlessly in engineering configuration, applying mathematics and using different techniques to achieve the longest track run. Tim from High Dessert Teen Challenge joined the Duo to help gain local sponsors for the hot wheel track competition.

Tim and his grandson Mason used the 100 ft ladder from the Susanville Fire Department and were able to win in the Rails to Trails event ending with them donating some of the winnings back into the community. TIm decided to go an extra step and enter the Guinness Book of World Records. Due to the quality of the drone used to record the Rails to Trails Event, the team was denied and had only a short time to record a new video to be entered. 

Tim and Mason decided to do a loop competition using the roof of their home. After many efforts and trials, the two successfully captured the video needed for the entry. The Duo wanted to extend the title they won, and Mason came up with the idea of sharing it.

Tim went a step further and thought of sharing it with local children’s hospitals and other states to bring Hotwheel tracks to children in all hospitals. With the help of his friend Glenn Chase, the start of the future nonprofit was made. Tim and Mason will be at the T Mobile building, setting up a track off the T Mobile roof for another contest. It will be held on the morning of Sept. 2nd