Fuelwood Permits Now Available for 2023


Lassen National Forest reissues personal firewood permits after a near month-long pause.

Mid-December, the Lassen National Forest said the sale of permits would stop after the end of the year to re-evaluate costs. Through the pandemic, permits were free of charge as many in the community faced economic hardships due to lockdowns and quarantines. As of January 18th, the pause has been lifted, and it will cost you much less for a permit this year.

In the years before the pandemic, fuelwood permits cost 10 dollars per cord, yet in 2023 it will cost you only 2 dollars per cord for up to 10 cords. Only one permit will be allowed per household as well. All fuelwood regulations must be followed, including paying attention to the dixie fire closure areas.

You can get your permit by visiting one of Lassen forest services’ offices or completing and signing a mail-in form found on the fs website.