Final Hours to Cast Your Vote – Only 1/4 of Voters Return Ballots Thus Far


Today is primary election day and as we head into the final hours to cast your vote 20% of Lassen County ballots have been received by the elections office of the near 15,000 registered voters. Plumas county as of the weekend had 25% of ballots returned. The turnout is less than is typical for this point in past election cycles, yet it matches the turnout statewide. If you are a Lassen County voter you can drop off your ballot in the 6 locations throughout the county, at the Historic Courthouse and County Government Building in Susanville, Janesville Fire Hall, One-Stop in Beiber, Sr. Center in Doyle, and Wellness Center in Westwood. Plumas County has a secured drop box at the Quincy courthouse. As long as your ballot is postmarked by today you can also still choose to mail your ballot in, there is no need for postage. Polls will close at 8 pm this evening.