Expect Long Road Delays Heading into the Weekend for Your Holiday Travel Plans


As you head into your weekend in this holiday season you can expect to continue to see major road delays on highway 89, 70, 36,44, and 147. State route 89 will see helicopter operations begin next week to help speed up Dixie fire debris removal and recovery efforts. There will be up to 45 minute delays South of Greenville every Monday through Saturday. To the North of Greenville near Wolf Creek on 89 you can also expect 15 minute delays. The current helipcopter operation plans will swap along these locations on the why once the southern end of 89 is completed. There is also still in place the 1 hour cumulative delay on 89 between the Greenville wye and Canyondam .

Contractor crews completed more smaller Scaling and blasting on the hwy 70 rock slide in the Feather River Canyon. Crews are now building what I known as a bench to access loose material on the slope and have also started to break down and remove debris from the area. Continued debris removal is expected to continue here on as long as the slide does not get active again and workers can remain safe.

You will still see those 15 minute delays between the Greenville why and Quincy on hwy 70 as well. Those are in place Monday through Saturday, yet work is expected to be completed within the next few days. Yet it will be swapped by PG&E repair work between the Greenville wye and Quarry road. That work should last through the end of the month.

Additional delays you can experience, hwy 36 has up to 20 minute delays west of the state route 36 and 89 junction. And hwy 44 will have up to 20 minute delays during daytime hours.