Doyle Teen Killed By Winnebego on US395


A 19-year-old from Doyle has died after a Winnebago struck her in the middle of 395. On Saturday afternoon, Terrance Huff of Nevada, was driving his motor home south on 395 near the Doyle RR overcrossing when he spotted the teenager who appeared to be on the opposite side of the road. Huff had limited sight with the curve and hill decline and as he got closer he realized the teenager was in fact standing on the centerline of 395. That’s when Huff attempted to quickly stop his motor home going 60 mph to avoid a collision yet the teenager made a quick move and ran directly into the path of the vehicle striking her on its right front side. Huff and his passenger were uninjured but the 19-year-old, identified as Freya Danu Dadigan, died of her injuries at the scene.