Downed Powerline Causes Outage for 800 Homes


A lightning strike causes an outage for over 800 homes in Susanville. Last evening around 7 pm, the lights went out into town across the Richmond Road area. LMUD says a line went down near Diamond Mountain Golf Course on Richmond and Brantly Dr. due to the severe thunderstorm rolling over the region that brought heavy rain, strong winds, and lightning.

Crews took quick action to restore power within the hour to most homes.

LMUD says as a reminder, during extreme weather, power lines may be damaged and close to the ground. Never approach a downed line, call the utility immediately, or call 9-1-1 if you feel it is an emergency.

The National weather service has issued a special weather alert for continued severe thunderstorms that may call for you to create a storm safety plan if outdoors this week. Officials say you should prioritize planning a way to quickly seek shelter if you are caught in a thunderstorm suddenly. Assing that if a sturdy building is not immediately available, a hard-top vehicle with the windows rolled up is a good option for protection from lightning.

If possible, the best time to complete outdoor activities this week is in the mornings before the afternoon and early evening thunderstorms develop.