High Winds from Winter Storm Prompts Power Outage Preparedness, Local Utilities All-hands-on-deck


Forecasters predict that this winter storm will be one of the most significant of the season, largely due to the high winds. Wind speeds are expected to exceed 80 mph over the Sierra ridges, with local gusts ranging from 30 to 40 mph.

Warnings from sheriffs and the Office of Emergency Services emphasize the need for preparedness, especially in anticipation of potential power outages lasting up to 72 hours. The concern is that the high winds might knock down trees onto powerlines, leaving residents in the dark.

Local utilities, such as LMUD and HLP, assert they are ready to respond promptly to any outages. Theresa Phillips from LMUD assures that they have all hands on deck, with an on-call lineman ready to deploy at the first sign of an outage. To stay informed, she recommends signing up for text alerts and following LMUD on Facebook for real-time outage information. In the case of an extended outage, she suggests tracking progress through their outage center at lmud.org.

Pat Holley, the General Manager at Honey Lake Power, affirms that the bio-fuel plant is prepared to activate if needed. Over the years, LMUD has collaborated with HLP through islanding to restore power swiftly during extended outages. Theresa notes that while LMUD’s system allows for quicker restoration if the outage is tied to PG&E, the process may take longer, necessitating the activation of HLP.

The region is under a blizzard warning until Sunday morning, heightening the importance of taking heed of the warnings and taking necessary precautions for a safe and prepared response to this formidable winter storm.


Photo by Jan Huber on Unsplash