LMUD System-Wide Power Outage Updates


This post will continue to be updated as new information is received.

The entire Lassen Municipal Utility District (LMUD) system experienced a sudden and unexpected outage around 3 PM yesterday. Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) dropped transmission lines connecting to the LMUD system due to extreme weather conditions and active fires in Butte County. This incident has also affected Honey Lake Power (HLP).

Typically, LMUD can switch to HLP during such disruptions. However, the abrupt nature of this outage has impacted HLP as well. LMUD officials are currently collaborating with HLP and PG&E to assess the situation and explore options for restoring power.

As of nearly 4 PM yesterday, there was no estimated time for power restoration.

Timeline of Updates from LMUD:


July 3, 2024, 6:15 AM:

LMUD is still awaiting notification from PG&E regarding any changes in the current situation. As of now, there is no estimated time of restoration. Updates will continue to be posted as new information becomes available.
July 2, 2024, 5:58 PM:

Due to extreme fire danger, PG&E has notified LMUD that they will not be able to re-energize the transmission line feeding the LMUD system. Assessment of the damage to the line is pending, and power is expected to remain out through the night and possibly into today. Safety measures are urged during this extended outage.
July 2, 2024, 5:25 PM:

LMUD still does not have an estimated time of restoration. Residents are urged to prepare for an extended outage. Visit Ready.gov for tips on managing during a power outage.
July 2, 2024, 4:08 PM:

LMUD is awaiting more information from PG&E regarding the fire danger to the transmission lines. Without power, connecting to HLP is currently not possible. LMUD will continue working with HLP and PG&E to develop a restoration plan and will provide updates hourly or as new information becomes available.
July 2, 2024, 3:08 PM:

PG&E has dropped the transmission lines to the LMUD system due to extreme weather conditions and active fires. This unexpected event has also affected Honey Lake Power. LMUD is assessing the situation and evaluating restoration options with HLP and PG&E. There is no estimated time for restoration.
July 2, 2024:

LMUD crews are responding to a system-wide outage. The cause was initially unknown, and there was no estimated time for restoration. Crews are investigating, and updates will be posted as available.
For the most up-to-date information on the outage, please visit the LMUD Outage Center.


Frequently Asked Questions shared by Lassen MUD:

We’re listening to your questions and concerns regarding the current extended outage caused by the Thompson Fire. Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions and some answers.

Q: Why does PSREC have power and LMUD doesn’t?
A: Although PSREC receives power over the same PG&E transmission line that feeds LMUD, they also have a backup feed that connects to NV Energy. In emergencies, they can connect to NV Energy and provide power to their customers. This connection is not as robust as their connection to PG&E, so they only use it for emergency backup power.

Q: Why can’t we island with HLP?
A: When PG&E dropped our transmission feed, it was sudden and unexpected. When this happens, HLP goes offline as well. HLP is not able to “black start.” In order for them to start back up, they need a power source. When possible, PG&E can provide a small amount of power over the Hat Creek line, which is usually enough for HLP to start, allowing LMUD to receive power from them. However, PG&E has determined that this is not possible at this time. We continue to work with both PG&E and HLP to find a solution.

Q: Why didn’t LMUD receive advanced notification that PG&E was going to de-energize the transmission line?
A: Under normal circumstances, PG&E will notify LMUD that they are going to de-energize the transmission line. This allows us to work with PG&E and gives HLP and LMUD enough time to coordinate the islanding process. However, during emergencies, like this one caused by the Thompson Fire, there isn’t an opportunity for PG&E to notify us. This is what has caused our current situation.

Q: Is LMUD going to set up cooling stations?
A: Lassen County the City of Susanville and the Office of Emergency Services will make the determination on cooling centers. LMUD is ready to assist these agencies if they require help connecting generators or other electrical-related issues.

Q: What’s the status of the Skedaddle Substation project?.
A: At the July 2021 LMUD Board Meeting, the LMUD board of directors voted unanimously to go forward with the Skedaddle Substation project which will allow LMUD to connect to NV Energy. Since that decision was made, progress on the project has been steady but slow. We are preparing a bid package for the grading and civil work to go out for bid in the next month and working with transformer manufacturers to build the transformers. Various other equipment and parts have been ordered and received. We expect it to be completed and online at the end of 2025.

Stay safe and take necessary precautions during this time.