Discussions Continue on the Expenditure of the City of Susanville’s 2.5 million in COVID Relief Funds


Tomorrow, the council has asked that the newly proposed projects presented to the council during its February 7th meeting be returned for review after reviewing their detailed plans.

These are from the Susanville Elks Lodge and Susanville Symphony, which are contending for portions of the ARPA monies. The Elks Lodge is in desperate need of repairs, and the Elks are struggling to keep the iconic building that sits atop Main Street open due to rising costs and little revenue. While the symphony is asking for 1 million of the APRA monies to buy the Sierra Theatre to bring the community a Performing Arts Center.

The council directed staff to prepare a recommended ARPA expenditure plan based on the ranking criteria discussed, considering these new contenders and previously discussed funding categories.

A final decision on awarding the funds to projects is not expected this Wednesday but will likely happen by the council’s first meeting in March.

You can participate in these discussions this Wednesday, February 21st, at 5 pm in City Hall.