Debris Flow on HWY 70 Compromises Structural Integrity of Roadway


The 50-mile stretch of the Feather River Canyon’s HWY 70 will remain closed indefinitely. Caltrans District 2 shared aerial photos of the extensive damage caused by last weekend’s heavy rainfall through the Dixie fire burn scar area. Photos show slide debris cascading down the hillside in a half-mile-wide swath in one of the 5 locations of debris flow. The damage is beyond that of simply debris on the roadway, there is a compromise to the structural integrity of the road. Caltrans shared the two areas of major damage are at Opapee and Murphey creek outlets where the shoulder of the hwy has been washed out as well as the creek flowing under the roadway creating the potential to wash it away, as well as drainage and guardrail damage. Crews are actively working to remove the debris and are finding what steps need to be taken to stabilize the hillside and roadway to make I safe for you to drive on. The closure is from the Greenville wye to Jarbo Gap in Butte County. Work will be conducted to reopen a lane of traffic with 24/7 traffic control as soon as possible, pending further assessment, activity and weather, and the safety of workers in the area and the traveling public.