County Administrator Appointment Considered During Plumas Supervisors Meeting


Plumas County looks to appoint a new County Administrative Officer. The search for the position has continued for months following Gabriel Hydrick’s resignation. During the next Supervisors meeting on September 6th, the board will consider appointing former Butte County Supervisor Debra Lucero, who will begin as soon as November 1st. Lucero was a supervisor in Butte County in 2019 but did not get reelected during the June primary. Lucero serves on four state boards, is an award-winning journalist, and has an extensive grant writing background. When asked about her appointment, Plumas Supervisor Hagwood said that following an interview with the board, they were very impressed. To be able to first qualify for an appointment, Lucero must pass an extensive background and investigation due to the role and responsibility of a county administrator. The board will consider her appointment next Tuesday at 10 am when the supervisors meet for their first meeting of the month.