Consultant Group to Plan Vision for Rebuilding of Greenville


A consultant group will be coming to Greenville to help with the planning process in rebuilding the community. The group has been brought in by The Dixie Fire Collaborative. What began just 5 days after Greenville burned The Almanor Foundation and Funders Roundtable, provided funding for a multi phased project headed by Tyler Pew to aid in the rebuilding efforts. With Pew’s extensive background in building lead he was able to collectively bring together several high value expert companies in thier respected fields; SERA Architects, Open Scope Studio based in LA and San Francisco, and Tactile Worx Focus to develop a process for planning the vision of a new community customized to Greenville, Indian Falls, and Canyon Dam. That work is continuing with a two day informative community session this weekend. If you want to hear about the planning process you can join the first session today starting at 5pm at the Greenville elementary school. Following will be a dinner where you can interact with the team. If you cannot attend in person you can join through Zoom. Tomorrow will then be the community listening session starting at 1pm where you can share your needs with the team.