Communication Lines Come Back on For Some Communities Impacted by Dixie Fire


Dixie Fire recovery and rebuilding has been a monumental effort that is still ongoing even on the heels of the fire’s one-year anniversary of destroying the historic town of Greenville. Yet there is much to say about the community and the efforts from organizations to bring back what was lost. To date communication updates from the Dixie Fire collaborative meeting shared that the Keddie area, Prattville, and West Shore have been completely restored, while Indian Falls is waiting for PG&E to complete conductor removal between Dixie Canyon Road and Indian Falls. In Crescent mills fiber has been placed between Mt. Hough estates and Taylorsville, with Genesee Valley, north arm road, and north valley road receiving new fiber currently or very soon. Greenville will have a new central office placed this month, and upgrades to brand new fiber will go in for homes and businesses. Canyon Dam and Big Cove areas will soon have service restored as fiber cable is currently being spliced as well. For Chester and Deer Creek, the communication lines are temporarily running on copper lines as fiber installation for permanent restoration is pending permit and plan approval. You can hear updates on communication restoration and more from The Dixie fire Collaborative, which meets on a monthly basis at the Greenville Elementary school to update the community on the ongoing efforts. You can hear reports from the county, clean-up contractors, and more. You can visit the collaborative’s website and Facebook for more information