City Welcomes Economic Development Director


During the first February meeting of the Susanville City Council yesterday evening, Mayor Quincy McCourt warmly welcomed Tamara Spade, who will be the city and Susanville Indian Rancheria’s Economic Development Director.

Coming from the Central Valley, Ms. Spade officially joined the city in late January and has been actively participating in the onboarding process, which includes tours of City Hall and its various departments.

City Manager Dan Newton, who attended the meeting via Zoom, commended her professional background, noting her experience in economic development and business development.

This marked Ms. Spade’s inaugural meeting, a pivotal one, as discussions revolved around the city’s allocation of the remaining $2.5 million in ARPA funds. Ms. Spade attentively listened and took notes throughout public commentary and council discussions. These funds are expected to be crucial to the city’s economic growth.

Ms. Spade is set to collaborate with the City and Susanville Indian Rancheria, the city’s partner in this initiative, working closely with stakeholders and local businesses.

In addition to Ms. Spade’s introduction, the city has bolstered staffing in various departments, including adding a new engineer to public works and an accounting technician. Promotions were also announced in the water department, and Interim Chief Hernandez promoted Firefighter Dale Johnson to the position of Captain. Hernandez also shared news of ongoing hires that are nearing completion, aiming to bring the fire department close to full staffing once again.