City Weighs on Supporting HUSA with ARPA Funds

The Historic Uptown Susanville Association (HUSA), responsible for many well-loved community events, is running out of funds and is turning to the City to keep them afloat.

During the City council’s November 2nd meeting, the council weighed in on allotting over 14,00 dollars to the association from American Rescue Plan Act COVID relief funds the City has set aside. The funds would support HUSA over the next year and ensure events like Safe and Sane and Uptown Magical country Christmas are held.

HUSA has run out of funds to no direct fault of their own. In 2019 the council stopped levying an assessment tax on the businesses in the uptown district, the primary source of funding for HUSA after several addressed the council rejecting the mandatory annual payments for lack of realized value. Since then, HUSA has been unfunded except for a one-time payment from the City’s general fund, with the hopes that the City would survey the uptown businesses to find whether or not the assessments were wanted. But that never happened.

Now the City is facing the decision to take responsibility for keeping HUSA together. David Teeter, former HUSA President, says it is up to the City to maintain the association with funding; without their support, they will add to the deterioration of uptown.

Councilmember Schuster provided a past suggestion from the former council to help see the association act as a club and hold fundraisers to support their efforts in providing community events in uptown. City Administrator Dan Newton says HUSA is vital to the community and would be detrimental to uptown were it to be dissolved, adding that with the support in funding from the APRA funds, HUSA’s value can once again be seen.

The council had further discussion ending with Mayor McCourt directing staff to bring the item back for a vote on whether the City will give the 14,000 in ARPA funds to HUSA during their next meeting. That will be held Wednesday, November 16th at 5 pm at City Hall.