City to Purchase 35K SxS for Homelessness Problem


Susanville will be purchasing a side-by-side for 35,000 dollars to combat homelessness, one of the council’s top priorities. The city has identified the Susan walk as a “feature of the city to promote and make safe” for the community and visitors. The addition of this equipment will enable the city to accomplish these goals.

City Administrator Dan Newton said the Polaris Ranger EV, an all-electric utility vehicle, will have a windshield, winch, and light bar added to assist in patrols and clean-ups. Although who will be driving the vehicle has yet to be determined, Newton shared the city has made considerations about whether that may be a position filled by the police department or through volunteers.

The purchase cost will be funded from the city’s fund and through a donation of up to half the costs from Lassen Municipal Utility District’s Public Benefits Community Projects Program. Council member Stafford seemed to have some sticker shock warning the community that no matter if LMUD provides the funds, the 35K is taxpayer money, and if the community is ok with the spending, so is he. The council approved the transfer of funds, and the Polaris Ranger should arrive by spring, but that does not include upgrades for a designated charging station.

Photo: Representation of the EUTV to be purchased