City of Susanville to Hold Public Hearing on State COVID Grant


The City of Susanville has announced an upcoming Public Hearing during the regular City Council meeting scheduled for November 1, to conduct a review and seek approval for the closeout of the CDBG Coronavirus Grant 20-CDBG-CV2-3-00047, known as the City of Susanville Emergency Services Grant. The community is encouraged to provide input regarding the conclusion of grant activities carried out under this contract.

Under this grant, the City of Susanville was awarded a total of $180,800. These funds were allocated for two specific projects: purchasing two decontamination suitcases and procuring one Type 6 Emergency Response Vehicle. It has been confirmed that both of these projects have been successfully completed.

This Public Hearing is merely an opportunity for you to voice your comments and seek answers to any questions pertaining to the grant. If you cannot attend the Public Hearing or require special accommodations to participate, the City Clerk’s Office can accept written comments at City Hall, 66 N. Lassen Street, Susanville, CA 96130, up to 48 hours before the meeting.

Furthermore, for those interested in reviewing public information files related to these projects, you can contact Jolene Arredondo via email at [email protected]