City Hires Recruitment Firm in Search for Qualified Economic Development Director


The city of Susanville will spend 27,000 dollars to hire professional services to recruit a qualified candidate for the newly created Economic Development Director position.
Mayor Quincy McCourt said, “This is a big deal for Susanville that the city is taking matters seriously” to boost the local economy.

To be shared with the Susanville Indian Rancheria with whom the city has partnered in this endeavor, the 27,000 will allow a consultant to augment the city’s HR department and oversee the entire recruitment efforts.

Carl Cayhill, a representative for the executive search firm Peckham & McKinney and selected consultant for the city and rancheria recruitment, details what the process will entail that will follow a  typical.

If the recruitment is unsuccessful, the city and SIR will have the opportunity to buy their services at half the cost for a second round of recruitment.

Cayhill says though the first attempt will likely bring around six qualified candidates in what he called a “tight market” in the pool for executive-level professionals.
Cayhill also highly suggested that this will be a challenge and money talks if efforts fail the first round, hinting that the city should raise the proposed salary to meet industry standards.
However, he shared confidence, citing Susanville’s uniqueness as one of the last regions in the state where the ‘American Dream’ is still alive, with moderate home prices and reasonable cost of living.

City Administrator Dan Newton said the city has recognized the need to seek help for the very high profile and necessary position after their own recruitment efforts were unsuccessful. Several applicants had applied, yet as the interview process neared, many backed out and significantly reduced the number of qualified candidates and did not produce a candidate to pursue further.

This decision by the City Council to invest $27,000 in professional recruitment services underscores the gravity of their commitment to boosting the local economy through the appointment of a qualified Economic Development Director, undertaken in partnership with the Susanville Indian Rancheria. While the challenges of recruiting in a competitive market are acknowledged, Cayhill’s confidence in Susanville’s unique appeal offers hope for success. City Administrator Dan Newton’s acknowledgment of the need for external help further underscores the importance of this initiative.

With Peckham & McKinney’s experienced team on board, including Mr. Cayhill, who brings 15 years of relevant experience, Susanville is poised to make significant strides in its economic development efforts to secure the best possible candidate for this position, with the potential to drive growth and prosperity in the region.