City Council to hold a very important meeting this Wednesday to discuss two crucial topics


The council will meet this Wednesday to discuss the Permanent Supportive Housing that will be proposed for the Northwest corner of 139 and Skyline. Many residents spoke to the County at prior meetings about how they did not approve the proposal of the Mesa location due to their housing prices decreasing and were fearful for children since there is an elementary school in the same location. 

Mayor Mccourt mentioned city property for the County to consider and for the County and City to work together for a better solution for the people. Wednesday, the council will consider approving city Administrator Dan Newton to begin a conversation with the county.

The City will also introduce two positions open for Economic Development in Susanville with the partnership of The Susanville Indian  Rancheria.

The position will be split into two roles hiring one for an Economic Developer Director with a salary of 132,000, benefits, and a Calpers package. The second position will open for an Economic Development Coordinator at an 87,000 salary and benefits. 

For those interested to hear or speak on their opinions to the Council, the meeting will be held Wednesday, April 5th, at 5 at City Hall.