City Council Meeting to Focus on Streamlining Planning Efforts and Long-Standing Landscaping Project


Streamlining city planning efforts and a nearly two-decade-old landscaping project will dominate the City of Susanville’s council meeting this Wednesday.

Councilmember Curtis Bortle requested that the Council consider directing the City Manager to prioritize strategic planning efforts. This proposal includes creating an Ad Hoc Committee composed of two council members who will collaborate with staff.

According to the outline, strategic planning will help ensure the city has a clear vision and direction, efficient resource allocation, enhanced accountability and transparency, improved public services, proactive problem-solving, stakeholder engagement and collaboration, performance measurement, and continuous improvement, and enhanced adaptability to change.

The city may also see some more movement on a landscaping project that began in 2007. In cooperation with Caltrans, revisions have been proposed for the SouthEast Gateway Landscaping project. The revisions concern the portion of the city’s responsibility in maintenance and irrigation.

The city’s agenda can be found on its respective website. The council will meet at City Hall on Wednesday, June 5th, at 5 p.m.