Chief of Police Visits Home of Vicious Dogs Owner


Chief of police Ryan Cochran updates the City Council on the vicious dogs running amuck in Susanville. The Chief confirmed two of the dogs have been surrendered and are being held at the animal shelter after the chief went to the owner, John Murray’s home.

Cochran added that Murray was cited yet again for another time when officers had to help him wrangle several of his dogs behind Safeway over the weekend. The department has coordinated efforts with the sheriff’s office and varying county staff, including the public works department, to work on declaring the dogs an official nuisance. City Administrator Dan Newton said this will help “open doors” to deal with the problem.

A public hearing will be held in two weeks to facilitate the surrender of the remaining dogs if Murray cannot comply with city law. That will be held on March 15th at City Hall, during the council’s meeting at 5 o’clock.