Cedar Pass Snow Park Remains Closed Through the Season


Lassen County is fortunate enough to be located near two great rural ski hills, Coppervale just off hwy 36 and Cedar Pass Snow Park located 20 minutes from Alturas in the Warner Mountains. Both operate with one lift and offer a family friendly atmosphere. Coppervale has had a great start to the season and has even just wrapped up an interview with a major news network. Yet Cedar pass has been unable to open and will remain closed for the rest of the season. The snow park needs to replace the cable that runs the Tbar lift. Since its 40 year installation the cable has served the snow park without fault. Yet this year tramway inspectors are asking for its replacement. Cedar pass Snow Park operates on an all volunteer basis and any donations are appreciated in efforts to recover costs for the new cable that is coming all the way from Switzerland. The Snow Park will also be selling sweatshirts to help raise funds. You can follow their facebook page, instagram, and website for more information.