Caltrans Updates & Transfer Station Rate Increase Put to Plumas Supervisors


Plumas county highways have been impacted heavily throughout the last year with a hopeful end in sight by summer’s end. The Plumas board of supervisors will meet today and hear an update from Caltrans Project managers with updates. That includes a look at what is to come this year, how the Cromberg Rehab project, Dixie Fire Restorations efforts are progressing and what kind of delays you can expect on 70 and 89.

Your pocketbook may take another hit as the supervisors also vote to approve the recommended rate increases from the Department of Public Works Solid Waste Division to 6.39% at Feather River Disposal transfer stations for Quincy, Chester, Greenville and La Porte, as well as an increase to 6.41% for Intermountain disposal transfer stations in Delleker and Graeagle.

The Plumas supervisors meet at the Quincy courthouse at 10am. You can visit County of Plumas dot com to view the meeting virtually