Caltrans Seeks Input from Community on Roundabout Project for Lake Almanor Area


A13 at State Route 36 is looking at a 3-legged roundabout proposal by Caltrans, leaving some residents hesitant about the idea.

Caltrans is considering adding the roundabout to reduce fatal incidents, saying it could have significant impacts over time. Some in the community share their hesitation against the idea of adding a roundabout stating that travelers would avoid the roundabout and use the lakeside, causing more traffic. Tractor Trailers and snow removal are also shared concerns. Caltrans states that the roundabout will help aid in separation, causing shorter distances to be safer, and if an incident occurred that what once would have been a Tbone collision could be only a side swipe to the vehicle.

The project would consist of removing existing asphalt, adding new concrete structural sections in a circulatory roadway, and curbing. Lighting will be added to the area, and relocation of a utility pole and new signage to guide drivers. The project is estimated to start in the fall/winter of 2023 with 80 working days and Caltrans to control traffic during work hours.

You can voice your opinion during the upcoming meeting held by Caltrans on July 12th from 4 to 7 p.m. at Almanor Recreation Center in Chester.