California Seeing Massive Damage from the Historical Weather Storm


California is receiving major effects from the Historical cold weather front over the past four months, and the damage is being seen in other regions of California

Recent snowfall and rains have caused massive damage to roads that involve landslides, potholes,  and erosion in areas leaving State parks and locally traveled roads to close due to the conditions.

The Sierra National Forest reported partially or fully closed parks, as a massive hole 25 to 30 feet deep has appeared in the middle of Beasore Road north of Bass Lake. With the nonstop snow, the area has received 3-4 feet of snow covering the roadway to wash away along with a significant part of the road.

The U.S. Forest Service closed the road and stated it might reopen in a couple of weeks. 

Local Forest Services advise if traveling, please check the area for road closures before making the trip.