Burials at Chester Cemetary District on Hold With 11 Families in Wait


Burials at the Chester Cemetary District are on hold with 11 families in waitas confusion over Dixie fire debris clean up halts the process. District 3 Supervisor Sherrie Thrall addressed the issue at the last board of supervisors meeting asking what is being done to help. The cemetery lost all of its buildings as well as several trees around the property. The cemetery board members have been receiving conflicting debris clean up information that is stalling forward movement to remove hazardous trees and allow movement back on the grounds. Not only is the cemetery wishing to complete the burials for the families involved to reduce their costs incurred and for emotional closure, but they are also pushing up against winter weather when the ground freezes which can be in as little as one month. The board of supervisors and CalOES have said they are working diligently with the cemetery district to get it resolved.