Bookmobile Up For Approval by Plumas Board of Supervisors


Plumas County Supervisors have a packed agenda today. If approved the board will authorize the purchase of a 200,000 dollar “bookmobile” with funds from the state funded grant, Stronger Together: Improving Library Access Award. Librarian, Lindsey Fuchs, applied for the grant in November last year following the Dixie fire to help bring more permanent library services back to Greenville.

Also if approved you could see more out of pocket costs at the Plumas County Transfer station operated by Intermountain Disposal. A possible 2 1/2 % increase is up for discussion.

Additionally the board will hear from Public Works Solid Waste on complying with the new state bill on new organic waste disposal.

And those COVID funds, in the amount of 3.6million dollars awarded to Plumas County by the Federal government will be discussed. Your comments on how those fund should be spent will be reviewed with the board possibly deciding on where they will go.

You can attend the meeting in person starting at 10 at the Courthouse in Quincy or virtually by visiting