Be Cautious of Swimmers Itch Found in Plumas Lakes


Local lakes in Plumas County are infecting swimmers with swimmer’s itch. Plumas county public health is warning lake goers that the presence of the parasites has been reported in Lake Almanor, Graeagle Mill Pond, and other local lakes. The parasites will cause an allergic reaction and rash on your skin almost immediately after being exposed. You may even feel a stinging sensation and experience small blisters. Young children playing in the shallow waters are especially at risk, though you can reduce your chances of exposure by avoiding swimming areas that are thick with weeds with little current, or have a large number of birds visiting as they carry the parasite. Deeper waters are less susceptible to having swimmers itch, and by showering immediately after swimming you can help prevent a reaction. For more information, you can contact Plumas Public Health at 283-6330.