Avian Flu Found in Plumas Bird, Public Health Shares Risks


Plumas Public health says to be cautious if you come across a diseased or dead bird after a positive case of Avian bird flu is found. In the Lake Davis area, an American White Pelican was discovered to have the virus after a group of individuals tried to help the dying bird. Public health says although the virus has little risk to humans you should use caution if handling or in close contact with a diseased or dead bird. Currently, throughout the US only 44 cases of avian flu in wild birds have been reported with only one person getting the virus in April of this year. Symptoms in people are very similar to severe flu. If you feel you were in contact with a diseased bird public health says you should monitor your health for 10 days, if you get sick contact your health care provider and report the bird. Learn more by visiting the CDC website.