Algea Blooms Found in Area Lakes


Hazardous algae blooms are popping up around area lakes as temperatures remain in the upper 90s with little overnight relief. Lake Almanor, both round Valley reservoirs, Lake Davis, and Frenchman Lake have moderate to high emergence of cyanobacteria, while the northern half of Eagle lake shows an extremely high emergence. Antelope Lake is showing clear algae at this time. Algae blooms are tracked by the National oceanic atmospheric association within a 10-day span. These algae can be harmful to both you and your pet if exposed or ingested. The CDC says blooms are associated with warm waters and excess nutrients often from lawn and agricultural fertilizers. You cannot tell if cyanobacteria blooms are toxic or not just by looking, so you are advised to stay out of that area of water. Signs include green-colored water, foam, and scum floating on the surface. To view the map you can visit the NOAA Aquatic Science Center website.