A Senior Meal Delivery Driver’s Intuition Helps Save Elderly Loyalton Woman’s Life


Yesterday around 1 pm, the senior meal delivery driver called the Sierra county sheriff’s office for a welfare check when the woman they delivered the meal to did not answer her door. The driver also noticed the woman had not collected her meals over the last two days. Deputies arrived at the Sierra Brooks home to discover the woman immobile on the floor of her home. Unable to talk or stand. The Loyalton Fire Department and Eastern Plumas Ambulance were called, and the woman was taken to the Sierra Brooks Lodge by ambulance to an awaiting life flight helicopter.

The sheriff’s department commended the delivery driver’s observations for calling for a welfare check on the senior, allowing her to receive the medical care she needed.
According to the CDC, About 36 million falls are reported among seniors each year—resulting in more than 32,000 deaths. With another nearly 3 million seniors being treated in emergency departments for fall injuries.

For an incident that could have ended much worse, hopes for a speedy recovery for this senior and a reminder to check on your senior neighbors regularly.