Still full and Still Closed – Lassen County Animal Shelter Update


The sounds of dogs yipping and whining continue to fill the halls of the Lassen County Animal Shelter as they say it may be another week or two before they can once again open their doors.

The shelter has been closed to the public for nearly two weeks due to receiving the Adin seizure animals. It has been over two weeks since the Lassen County sheriff’s office, veterinarians, and more removed over 100 animals from a heinous and horrific environment at home in Adin. Animals from dogs, rabbits, horses, and a turtle were taken due to extreme abuse and neglect, and carcasses of many more animals littered the property.

Donna, the shelter manager, shares that all are doing well at the shelter and thanks the outpouring of community donations of feed. They are no longer desperate for more but say with the case moving slowly due to the cumbersome paperwork involved for each animal, a steady flow of donations would be appreciated, as costs incurred will likely top 10s of thousands of dollars for their care. Donna said the SO, and DA can take as much time as needed if it ensures no animals will ever be allowed back to the Adin owners suspected of the abuse.

When they can release the seized animals, the shelter has several rescues in line willing to accept a few, but not nearly enough. The local community will be notified when these animals are available.

For now, Donna urges you to be careful where you send your pets.