LHS to Attempt to Stay Ahead of Bus Driver Shortage


Lassen High school gets proactive to avoid bus driver shortage.

Across neighboring school districts a shortage of bus drivers have impacted student’s abilities to get to and from school. In the greater Reno area a local church bus service stepped in to help and the The Washoe County School District went as far as reimbursing some parents for mileage to take their kids to school this year.

Lassen high Principal Superintendant Morgan Nugent says the school is feeling the pinch a little bit but wants to be proactive to to ensure full staffing for drivers. With football season kicking off among other school sports having a full pool of drivers and then some extra will help ensure students are able to get to sporting events. The high school will hold a hiring campaign to hire drivers on-the-spot, during a one day application and interview event. Next Friday from 11 AM – 2 PM you can apply to join.

The high school will also be looking to hire paraprofessionals as well due to a shortage, as across many of the local districts teaching and aid staff is less than fully staffed.