Greenville Rotary Aims to Help Accelerate Greenville Rebuilding


Greenville Rotary is dedicating its resources to accelerating Dixie Fire recovery and rebuilding efforts in Greenville. President John Banks shares the club has put in efforts to provide facades on newly erected buidlings. the effort is being made in part to make it appear the town is rebuilding quicker than it may actually be, but also to establish a sense of tradition hailing to the old gold mining history of the town. In addition to this project Banks shared the rotary is also help homeowners in their rebuilding efforts by providing financial help in water hook ups from meters to the home. The rotary is awaiting cost estimates before moving forward. They are also still help you if you lost your home to the fire with 500 dollar gift cards as well as 250 dollar gift cards for additional assistance if your home did not burn but you are having financial burdens due to the fire. You can contact the rotary for the applications.