Special Susanville City Council Meeting to Continue Discussions on Allocation of ARPA Funds


Susanville’s city council will convene for a special meeting tomorrow to discuss the spending of ARPA funds with the newly seated council members. The discussions on finalizing expenditures of the city’s remaining balance of $2.65 million in COVID relief funds were postponed until the new council members, elected during the March 5th primary elections, were seated. Last week’s regular council meeting was canceled due to Mayor Schuster, Pro Tem Brown, and City Manager Dan Newton being in Sacramento at the City Leaders Conference, prompting the need for a special meeting to maintain momentum.

Staff reports indicate that the proposed allocation of ARPA funds has been divided into five categories, outlined in a project ranking list.

Of the 2.65 million city staff has identified $1,204,000 of these funds for improving city facilities, promoting economic development, updating the general plan, paying off debt, and running marketing campaigns. The remaining $1,446,000 is open for discussion at the meeting for other private projects, including the Sierra Theatre Performance Arts Center proposal.

The council meets Tuesday at 5 pm in City Hall. The agenda can be found on the city’s website.