Public Speaks Out on Legalizing Cannabis and Making Susanville Sancuary City for the Unborn


Over an hour-long public commenting session at the October 5th Susanville city council meeting covered the fight against legalizing the cannabis industry in any form to the city as well as asking the council for a proclamation to declare Susanville a sanctuary city for the unborn.

A packed city hall was filled with people from as far as Redding urging a no vote on both the city and county’s measures S and R. Representative from congressman Doug LaMalfa’s office Erin Ryan and retired LA county Sheriff’s sergeant were also among those warning the council of what they have seen happen within a matter of years to their local cities who have legalized commercial cannabis and dispensaries.

Mayor McCourt in response shared his concerns with a statement made by Ryan that 80% of legal dispensaries sell illegally grown cannabis. Yet the mayor said it was okay for everyone to think differently and the issue to legalize the industry is on the ballot.

Then among the many, there was an anesthesiologist from Banner, who was not there representing the hospital, and local OB doctor Steven Braatz, asking the council to declare the city as a sanctuary city for the unborn.

As the November elections near Californians will be voting on Prop 1, to grant an individual’s fundamental right to reproductive freedom, which includes the right to choose to have an abortion and the right to choose or refuse contraceptives. No action was taken but the council considers all topics that are presented during public commenting addressed in their final agenda item as future council items. The city’s next regular council meeting will be held on October 19th at 4:30 pm.