City of Susanville and LLTT Team Up for Trail Days- Removes Impressive 42 Yards of Waste


In a display of community spirit and environmental stewardship, more than 30 individuals banded together over the weekend for the Trail Cleanup Day. Spearheaded by the City of Susanville in conjunction with the Lassen Land and Trails Trust, the initiative targeted revitalizing the Susan River Trail.

Lauding the collaborative endeavor, Vice President Liz Norton of the Lassen Land and Trails Trust emphasized the significance of the Susan River to the local community, noting it as a gem of the community. An impressive 42 cubic yards of waste- the equivalent of 84 pickup truck loads- was cleared from the trail.

The cleanup coincided with Celebrate Trails Day, an annual event established by the Rails to Trails Conservancy to honor America’s Trails. Local businesses rallied behind the cause, enhancing the event’s impact. C & S Waste Solutions generously provided two roll-off bins, while Susanville IGA supplied refreshments and drinks for the volunteers. City Public Works Department staff also contributed, deploying backhoes along the trail to facilitate the removal of the amassed trash gathered.

The successful cleanup underscores the community’s dedication to preserving one of the city’s treasures.


Photo courtesy City of Susanville