USPS Next to Feel Effects the of Inflation – Stamp Prices Go Up


The post office is the latest to react to inflation as two cents get tacked onto the price of a stamp. The increase will bring the price of a forever stamp to a full 60 cents. Additional increases will also be seen across the board at the post office as 1oz mail and postcards, and go up by 4 cents while international letters go up by 10 cents. The postal service relies solely on the sale of postage, products, and services, to operate as it receives no funds from tax dollars. The price increases were expected to take place by July 10th.

The proposed Mailing Services price changes include:

ProductCurrent PricesPlanned Prices
Letters (1 oz.)58 cents60 cents
Letters (metered 1 oz.)53 cents57 cents
Letters additional ounce(s)20 cents24 cents
Domestic Postcards40 cents44 cents
International Letter (1 oz.)$1.30 cents$1.40 cents