DWR Shifts Focus Away From April 1st Snowpack Records, Blames Climate Change


The Department of Water Resources is blaming climate change for the 5th smallest April 1st snowpack measurement on record in the last 7 decades. The Department is turning its focus now to historical data versus the April 1 records in efforts to paint a more realistic picture of the state’s water status. This comes as January through March were so dry that the snowpack peak is a full month ahead of normal and that coupled with abnormally high temperatures. Butte county has just reacted to the impacts of the lower than average snowpack under Governor Gavin Newsom’s executive order to cities and counties to implement new water conservation measures, Butte will enforce a Temporary Pause on Non-Drinking Water Well Permits. With nearly all of California under severe or extreme drought conditions, both the Sierra snowpack and reservoir levels are approaching new lows and in need of some relief to save water. Yet this next round of a late winter storm may have a small influence to help boost the state’s water reserve yet much more is needed before it can come out from its current drought standing.