California Air Resources Board Votes on New Regulations on Boat Emissions


California lawmakers are now going after your boats emissions. Governor Newsom just passed into law a ban on your lawn mower within the next two years as well as aiming to ban gas powered cars by 2035, no the governor is after your boat. Newly proposed amendments to the Commercial Harbor craft regulation say the state will require all boat engines to be modified with technology to reduce emissions. Yet those modifications don’t exist yet, and if they did would be too big to fit on most boats. The biggest concern is the economic impact that one report shows that new boats within the proposed guidelines would cost sport fishing and whaling companies 4.6 million dollars for a 65 foot vessel. The affect on your pocketbook would be increased trip costs by up to 100 and 200%. The average one day fishing trip price would go from 180 dollars to almost 600 under the new rules. The California Air Resources board will vote on the new regulations this Friday.