Bill Proposes Declaring California State Mushroom


California may soon have an official state Mushroom. With the efforts of a survey supported by the California Institute for biology that called on mushroom enthusiasts and fans, out of 6 top species, the Californian Golden Chantrelle was selected. As the survey said, the purpose of designating a state mushroom is to help increase awareness of fungi’s role in the state’s ecology. As they store carbon, improve nutrient dynamics and water quality, and provide food to people and wildlife. As well as increase funding for preserving mushroom habitats and natural resources.

The top 6 fungi were selected by mycological societies around the state and then opened to a vote for all Californians, receiving nearly 4,000 votes. The Ca Golden Chantrelle won by over a third of the votes.

California Golden Chanterelles can be found under oak trees throughout the state, and are safe to eat, favored by professional chefs for their nutty and fruity taste.
The naming of the state mushroom is already on the legislative floor in a bill introduced last month by Assemblymember Ash Kalra, representative of San Jose.


Photo: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash