Adventure Medics


How would you like to go to work every day in this? Adventure Medics from Bend, Oregon has two Rapid Extraction Module (REM) teams on the #MonumentFire. This team of two EMT’s and two paramedics can perform rescues of injured firefighters in places that a regular ambulance cannot go. They are capable of high and low rope rescues, vehicle extractions with equipment similar to “jaws of life” and provide full advance life support while bringing the patient off a mountain.
Team Lead Steven Herrera says they drive on road as close as they can get, then use the back country vehicles to get to the rescue site. They carry ropes, backboards, extraction equipment and everything they need to keep someone badly injured alive and stable until they can be transported to a hospital in an ambulance. The team members are trained as firefighters as well as their climbing and medical training. They carry fire shelters and equipment to keep themselves safe within the fire perimeter and they also carry the necessary rescue equipment and medical supplies.
The team has been working on the Monument Fire since August and has scouted all over the fire area to be ready in the event of an emergency. Luckily, there have been no accidents where their advanced life support skills or extraction skills have been needed.
Currently, the team is centrally located on Highway 299 and available to any of the areas where firefighters are working. The Monument Fire is very glad to have this team on scene and ready to go!