Eagle Lake Fishing


Limits coming in! Most of us are catching between 15-22/23ft deep. (3-4 colors of leadcore). FireTiger was pretty active today but still anything with a splash of orange at the right depth did it. Gold/red Thomas buoyant still producing too. Today water column temperature tests indicate the thermocline on the west side is about 4F & between 20-25ft. Dropped from 74.4to 70.3. The lake on both sides is 74-75F to 20ft. We had 9F at 25-30ft 2 weeks ago on the west side so it appears to be washing out just a bit. 3F temp drop on the east side between 20-25ft…finally one more degree. Lol. The high water temps are not good for releasing trout after a battle. FYI we did quite well on the west side today between lower Lake of the Woods & Shrimp Island. We stayed in mostly 38-47ft of water working the ledge.